It all started in Wuhan. Within only a few months, it spread throughout the world creating a global crisis. Now the World Health Organization declares it to be a global pandemic. Countries are swiftly taking measures to contain the virus and cities are going into a lockdown.

Many countries declaring health emergency, some even locking down their cities, people are being instructed to stay at home. The act which is now popularly (and very aptly) called “Self-Quarantine.”

Offices and companies are shutting down, and many are moving their teams to work remotely from their houses. They seem—I mean the companies and business—to be experimenting with remote work. Thanks to the Internet, it has never been much easier.

Fully remote companies have existed even in pre-covid days—DuckDuckGo being a notable example. But such an experiment has never being carried out in such a massive scale as it’s happening right now.

Working from home though, creates certain challenges from the company standpoint. But it will mainly be the culture and policies of a company that will dictate those challenges. They can either ease the process of moving into a remote team or make it more difficult.

Another challenge which has to be faced by companies working in certain fields is that, there are jobs which are simply not remotable. For example, jobs where you have to handle specialized equipment or jobs that require the use of special instruments, like lab technicians and construction workers, aren't remotable.

I think in a company, employee performance and task completion should take precedence to their work hours. That’s me thinking in terms of an employee. But there are benefits for the company as well by making certain jobs remote. They can save a lot on resources, cost of operation and of equipments.

As I am a fan of remote work and I like the idea of job flexibility, this massive experiment really intrigues me.

What will be the result of this? I don’t know. But I hope that the companies will consider making remote work an option.